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Do-it-yourself kits

Tired of playing with toys sold in the name of Do-it-yourself (DIY) kits? Enough of assembling simple components! It’s time to let your imagination go loose. It’s time to build what you want to.

For the first time, you get custom DIY kits that meet your expectations. You won’t have to limit your imagination. Not anymore 🙂

Personal training @ home

Do you really have to rely on your neighbours to find the most suitable tutor for you? Oh, come on! Allow us to help you find exactly what you are looking for. We provide you a list of best suitable tutors, trained and screened, to select from.
Needless to say, we want to make learning interesting so we can’t just leave this category alone. Tutoring methods used will help the student understand the concepts better.

Joint workshops @ schools

QuarkMe joins hands with schools and absorbs the needs of the students within a few days. The team then delivers a custom program which comprises of practical and experiential learning. The program sees no limits to imagination. It helps students learn with realtime experiments, games, presentations, demos and more.

Learning, after all, doesn’t have to be boring. Experience the fun in learning!

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Industrial tours

With the cooperation of various industries, we help schools (and other organisations) conduct industrial tours. Our team accompanies the students and helps students form a link between their classroom learning and the real life activities. Detailed discussion sessions before and after the visits are conducted by our team to help students make best out of the visits.

Career Counselling

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both…”
Sometimes, it’s difficult for us to decide what’s better for us. But we need to choose one in order to proceed. Experience comes in handy, if we are stuck. If you are stuck too and seek some guidance, our team of experienced professionals is waiting to guide you.

Free Coffee

Have something to discuss? We would love to do that over coffee. We promise it’ll be on us 😉

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What do people, who have worked with us, say

(Posted on Google reviews)

I have worked closely with QuarkMe’s content and technical team for a number of months. They are the most committed people towards their job. The amount of hard work going into making this company successful is amazing. At the same time they are holding on very tightly to their core beliefs, which is to change the way children are educated today. All the best guys 🙂

Lakshay Sharma Machine Learning Engineer, New Delhi

(Posted on Google Reviews)

Starting off with a very clear objective of changing the way tutoring, and education is done, they have stuck to their core values. They have a very committed team and their response rate is especially good.
Their network also seemed strong to me. I would certainly suggest that you try QuarkMe.

Saketh RVK Content Writer, EssentiallySports

About us

We want to bring a paradigm shift in the teaching and learning methods employed in our current education system so that the students of tomorrow will be ready to face the world, not just with an artificial college degree, but with the skill-set and problem solving ability to truly distinguish themselves from the crowd. Every pioneer had to face tremendous difficulties, no matter what their field. What set them apart was their ability to work with their own approach and trust themselves. We aim towards building a sense of individualism among our students so that they can themselves realise what’s unique in them and work towards complementing their strengths.