Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is your tutor selection process?

The tutors are screened according to our set guidelines (Qualifying Test, etc.) and trained effectively and efficiently under our Tutor Training Program (TTP). And then we check their teaching abilities, as to how they have adopted our learning techniques to be inculcated in students before allotting them any jobs.

2) How are you so sure about your tutor-student matching algorithm?

QuarkMe has included various dimensions that are always in our consideration while finding a perfect match for you.

3) How is your costing relevant to the current market?

We analyse and review huge survey data considering all major and most minor factors affecting the cost on regular intervals to keep it up-to-date with the current market prices.

4) Do you serve children with special needs?

Yes. We provide trained tutors to fulfill the needs of specially abled children.

5) How do you ensure high quality tutors?

QuarkMe is a connecting platform for Tutors and Students. Tutors associated with QuarkMe go through rigorous selection procedure to ensure they are in sync with QuarkMe’s vision and mission and to maintain a consistent quality throughout all tutors.

6) Is it safe to trust a stranger with my kid?

We would not advise the conduction of any session in the absence of parents. And we insist parents on talking to their kids regularly and take feedback about the sessions as well as the tutor.

7) What is the approx distance I’ve to travel, as a tutor?

We understand the stresses caused due to traffic and long distance trips. Hence, we will try to allocate the nearest student possible (subject to real-time availability). If in case you have to travel more than the minimum specified kms, the cost of transport will be accommodated accordingly. (Bonus)

8) What is the teaching method we follow at QuarkMe?

It varies from student to student. We cater your ward as per his/her needs. Our aim is to deliver quality education and imbibe a sense of individualism in students so they are ready for the real world.

9) Do you give demo classes?


10) Do you charge any registration fee?

No. We do not charge any registration fee for using our services.

11) What do you offer to freelancers at QuarkMe?

Freelancers have to go through a rigorous training procedure. Once they’ve been trained and have passed the entire test and qualification procedures conducted by QuarkMe, they are allotted jobs and their revenue shares are equal to that of a qualified tutor.

12) What is your revenue share?

Our revenue share includes 50% of the first month's revenue and from the next month onwards it varies from 15% to 25%, on a particular booking as per now. Tutors can avail the benefits of our Promo Codes to get discounts on the commission. (Subject to their availabilty).

13) I have a question, which is not answered here.

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