about us

WHAT IS Quarkme?

QuarkMe is a group of people who are committed to changing the way our youth are being educated. Since learning is a direct consequence of the methodology of teaching, we at QuarkMe are dedicated to the philosophy of merging trained tutoring with independent thinking to bring out the ingenuity in students.

QMe teachers believe completely in our ideology, and have been trained extensively to teach students how to figure out and solve challenges on their own. And all of this comes at the comfort of the students’ homes and that too, at affordable prices.

Personalized Teaching with a Unique Methodology

With hand-to-hand allotment of tutors and personalized teaching, getting to wholeheartedly understand the subject you love will never ever be this easy. Our allocation algorithms along with our manual review system ensures that your child gets the best teacher. The structured system is a welcome call to all those numerous private tutors who can now find scores of jobs catering to their own requirements. What also opens up is an opportunity for bright students who can teach their juniors and get to know their teaching potentials.

Underpinning all of this is a strong team working towards building quality Content through adaptive Ideation and creative Media to give the best possible learning experience for students.

Come learn with us and and you’ll never need to struggle to study alone!

Our Mission

We, as students have gone through our academic lives with a fundamental problem plaguing our education system, that is the inability of a student to think for herself/himself and apply her/his skills in a creative manner, whatever the field may be. Our country churns out a massive number of degrees to engineers, researchers and scientists, and yet only a handful make a mark in their careers.

We want to bring a paradigm shift in the teaching and learning methods employed in our current education system so that the students of tomorrow will be ready to face the world, not just with an artificial college degree, but with the skill-set and problem solving ability to truly distinguish themselves from the crowd. Every pioneer had to face tremendous difficulties, no matter what their field. What set them apart was their ability to work with their own approach and trust themselves. We aim towards building a sense of individualism among our students so that they can themselves realise what's unique in them and work towards complementing their strengths.

QuarkMe is the first educational service which believes in putting our specially-abled youth at par with the rest, because we truly believe that they have the most fierce-minded determination. We provide the same quality tutors to every student, all of whom go through a special training process so that they can cater to individual needs and set up the foundation to bring out the best from your child.

QuarkMe also has a Student Counselling and Guidance program for young students who are unsure about their passions. We sincerely believe that every student has to forge his own path and we comprehensively inform and educate your children about every possibility out there and help them take necessary steps to pursue their dreams. Our society must re-learn the importance of letting our children follow their dreams. Their passion, coupled with hard work and critical thinking, will turn them into highly skilled professionals who love their work and are an inspiration to others.

We encourage, and extensively train young meritorious students, to teach and pass on their freshly acquired knowledge to their immediate juniors who have the added advantage of being acquainted with the latest advancement in their fields. Not only can they easily guide the juniors but it is also brings about the communication and teaching skills of students into the forefront.